By:Ana Mardoll

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March 1, 2017, 4:13 p.m.
This is why I use "queer".

This is why I will not apologize for calling myself queer.

Read, please.

Everything described in this post--esp. being dogpiled by gaslighting kids taught by TERF radfems--has been my whole week.
Read it, seriously, it is amazing. Click.
I will NOT let TERFs and SWERFs ruin a perfectly good, inclusive word.
I'm here.
I'm queer.
I am so grateful to @adrienneleigh for bringing this into my feed because this whole week of gaslighting has been SURREAL.
I noticed several times that it was like... young teens reading off a TERF script?? like, why would you ever? Welp.
This is why we need to teach our own history, I guess. Because gatekeepers will rewrite it for the younger generation if we're not careful.